Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Appeal court uphold sentence for Reza Shahabi

Reza Shahabi: © privat
According to the Communiqué number 33 from the “Reza Shahabi Defence Committee“, the Branch 36 of appeal court based in the Islamic Revolution Court has approved the sentence for Reza Shahabi. The sentence is not yet announced officially, but officials from the branch office have announced that to the attorney of Reza Shahabi. This sentence includes Six-year imprisonment, five years of ban on union activities, he is also sentenced to pay a fine of  seven million Tomans into the State coffers. This is the sum of money collected from many workers
(whose names are documented on websites), which was given by Reza, as a trustee to the families of imprisoned workers.
According to the report, when Reza's lawyer criticized the confirmation of sentence without any re-examination of the case, the authorities answered him: "If they wanted the case to be re-examined, they would not send it to this branch." This answer proves that this is only a show trial.

Reza Shahabi, Executive Board member and Treasurer of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran Vahed Bus Company is kept in Prison since June 2010.