Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Miners working condition in Iran: three continuous shifts for 15 days!

Even the Secretary of government-controlled Workers' House confesses that the working conditions  coalmine workers of Tabas in Province Yazd is illegal.
Workers in private mines work 15 hours a day while working deep underground. This is the case in some private coalmining companies such as Madanju and Negin mines, despite their resent history of work-related accidents. This will have damaging effects on workers’ health in long term. According to Article 52 of islamic labour low, a workday should not exceed 6 hours per day and of 36 hours a week.

Tabas miners not only do not receive any benefits for hazardous occupation, but also work more than 15 hours a day and even their salaries and benefits are overdue.
They have to spend their resting time outside the mine inside rooms lacking any kind of facilities.These working conditions lead to serious diseases and injuries of mineworkers in long-term.
These workers receive around 500 thousand Toman per month.
Workers in the coalmines are working with a monthly contracts. At present, not a single employee has a permanent contract; the maximum employment in a mine is 6 months, this makes it impossible for the workers to follow up their legitimate demands from the employer.

There is no Employer supervisory and control at any mine in this area.

Currently more than 2,500 employees are working in the coalmines in Tabas. Employers abuse of the miners’ need for job. They are not willing to hire exhausted worker, and on the other hand, such exhausted workers have no chance to get any other Job.

In fact, the employers have to hire working personnel for four shifts and each shift should have shuttle transport.