Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Protest against 26 months unpaid wages

HRANA - In province Mazandaran the textile workers gathered in front of governor’s office in Ghaemshahr city to protest against their unpaid wages of last 26 months.
Mazandaran Textile Company has suffered a financial crisis after the implementation of Article 44 of the Islamic constitution and privatization due to mismanagement and lack of governmental regulation for the imports of similar goods.
Mazandaran textile has had more than 7,000 workers in past two decades; during the last few years this number has dropped to 765.
Mazandaran Textile Company consists of Telar textile, Tabarestan textile, Fine Weaving, Nice Textile and Tajan textile. The workers of these affiliated companies did not receive their wages since more than 26 months and are facing a difficult live.
Mazandaran Textile workers now even do not afford to pay the Telephone and utilities bills and their children's educational expenses.