Friday, December 14, 2012

Ismail Fattahi announced his hunger strike in Tabriz Central Prison

I am an imprisoned construction welder, who has been since 8 months under extreme tortures at the central prison in the city of Tabriz. I underwent severe interrogations and psychological brutality because of revealing the inhuman prison conditions at this prison and because of protesting against the spread of AIDS and lack of distinguishing the prisoners into groups based on age, which results in prison rape of under-age prisoners. In order to express my protest against such prison conditions around the country, and emphasizing the protest statement of a group of political prisoners, the general prison population and also the statement of Shahrokh Zamani, I will go on an open-end hunger strike from December 10th, 2012.
I call all the human right organizations, institutions and authorities to put an end to such conditions and in particular to protect the  rights of imprisoned children and to protest against the prison rape, dealing with drugs and spread of all kinds of diseases in the prisons of this country.
I call up all prisoners, in particular the political prisoners to join this cause.
Ismail Fattahi, Tabriz Central Prison, December 09th, 2012