Friday, March 15, 2013

Mohammad Jarahi, the imprisoned worker, has cancer and is still held in prison

jarahiMohammad Jarahi is being diagnosed with cancer of thyroid. About a month ago a part of his thyroid gland was removed during a surgery in Imam Reza hospital in the city of Tabriz. The biopsy test results now confirm that his thyroid cancer is malignant.

He now needs to be hospitalized immediately and undergo an iodine treatment. For this reason his family arranged his admission at the nuclear medicine center Dabiri in the city of Tabriz. They requested for medical leave one week ago, but have so far received no response from the prison authorities or from the judge.
Even according to the current Iranian law, judicial authorities are bound to release the prisoners with acute illness immediately for treatment.

Jarahi, the imprisoned workers is since two years in prison in city of Tabriz. Jarahi is member of the Committee to pursue the establishment of Workers Organizations, a group campaigning for the foundation of independent trade unions in Iran.
Mohammad Jarahi and Shahrokh Zamani were sentenced to long prison terms in a trial behind closed doors; he is currently serving the 5 years prison sentences in Tabriz prison in north-west of Iran.