Monday, March 4, 2013

Protest of 600 Metal Industries workers

Six hundred workers of two factories of Metal Industries ”Sanaye Felezi”,  gathered to protest the non-payment of their wages for more than 4 months and the carelessness of the Government to their situation.
Following the strike, State-run factory management announced that they just can pay the 40% left amount of the November wages. After this announcement the protesting workers of both Metal Industries plants staged a protest rally outside the factory and put tires on fire in the middle of the street. In the wake of this protest action by the workers, the police and security forces arrived immediately on the scene.  The workers ended the rally after a two-hour confrontation with security forces and held a General Assembly. In the Assembly the workers decided to continue their protest in the next days in front of government institutions.

The retired workers of these factories are as well in a similar situation. About 200 workers retired during the last five years have not yet received any retirement benefits. The ongoing protests of these retired workers are ignored and the authorities only make promises, with no intention of keeping them.