Monday, April 29, 2013

Strike at Copper Smelting Plant in Khatoun Abad and intervention of special forces unit

About 300 copper smelting workers in Khatoun Abad, in province Kerman, closed the entrance gate of the complex to protest the empty promises of officials since Wednesday.
Following the order of the head of government,  about two years ago, to close the sub-contracting companies and signing direct contract with workers, the 2400 workers at Meiduk copper complex and copper smelting plant Khatoun Abad were joined the investment copper company. The investment copper company promised the workers to hire them one year after the expiration of their contracts by direct contracts. Now, after the end of 18 months, the workers are still up in the air.
Since the workers closed the entrance gate on Wednesday, the supply of raw materials and concentrate is cut off and the factory shutted down.
Last night with intervention of special forces unit the protesting workers were dispersed, but they are still on sit-down strike inside the complex and demanding the implementation of provisions of the contract.
One of the factory officials said: there will be no employment at the private copper company. He added that the best condition is the hiring by the copper investment company, which is also the current situation of these workers.
It is to mention that on 24th of January 2004 the protest of copper miners of Khatoun Abad was attacked from the air and ground; four workers were shot dead.