Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Behnam Ebrahimzade calls on international community for Help

Behnam Ebrahimzade calls for international support, because the judicial authority is intended to bring him back to prison.  
He writes in a letter that his son is again in hospital for a second chemotherapeutic cycle and in a very bad mental condition.
Even the physicians at Mahak hospital emphasized and attested that because of Nima´s age of puberty and his health condition, he needs particular attention by his beloved father to stand by his side in this period, and it will have a positive impact on his respond to treatment. 
Behnam Ebrahimzade requested the extension of his prison leave for the duration of this medical treatment, but the respective judicial authority insists that medical examiner must confirm this issue.  Behnam appeals to all human rights organizations, labour unions, and progressive people in the world to support him in these critical moments.