Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Communiqué number 52 of “Reza Shahabi Defense Committee“: Reza Shahabi’s health is deteriorating

Reza Shahabi, the imprisoned worker, is facing deteriorating health. The intense pain in his lower back area, neck, his left foot and left arm began just 20 days after he was returned to prison. Due to the huge pain, he has difficulties to sit, walk and also sleep. More than 20 days ago he asked to be examined by a neurosurgeon, but the prison authorities answered him: “there are not enough requests for a neurosurgeon; we cannot provide a doctor any time you ask”. Beside these, during his temporary release he was under dental treatment, which was interrupted, because he was returned to prison. Now he is suffering severe headache and pain in eyes. His family organized a dentist visit, but the prosecutor did not permit him the dentist visit. His reason for refusal was: “You had a long prison leave”. 
Shahabi was returned to prison on April 15th.