Monday, June 10, 2013

Communiqué number 53 of “Reza Shahabi Defense Committee“

Shahabi and Robabe
Reza Shahabi was taken to the interrogation branch 4 of the Court in Evin Prison. The court has fined Shahabi 4 million Toman for 12-days unauthorized absence from prison. This is despite the fact that Shahabi acted according to the instruction of the prosecutor, who told him “we will inform you by a phone call, the date you have to return to prison”.  

At the same time, Robabe Rezaei, the wife of Shahabi has been summoned to the intelligent Ministry and was interrogated. She was questioned why she spread the news about the situation of her husband. She answered:” I did nothing illegal and only answer the people, who contact me
and ask about his situation”.