Monday, September 3, 2012

Solidarity with workers in South Africa – A Statement by Evin-Prisoners in section 350

The long years of suffering and deprivation of millions of black workers forced by the apartheid government in South Africa has not been replaced by elimination of poverty and freedom.
Not only the economic neoliberalism has not been eliminated, but also its determination to plunder and exploitation was renewed and refreshed. The government in South Africa carries out the exploitation of people and resources of these people, even on a wider scale and more intense than the apartheid government. Earlier the Apartheid regime destroyed millions of lives in South Africa and the neighboring countries and now the brutal local and global capitalism follows its footsteps.
The imperialism, in the guise of neoliberalism, is now defending the industrial, agricultural and mining companies all over South Africa. A recent example of it is the massacre of miners.
As long as these workers bowed down to the employers and were silent, the government talked about democracy and freedom, but immediately after the workers outcry against deprivation and hunger came out of the 300 meter depths, the neoliberal, economic apartheid opened fire on workers. More than 30 dead miners and over 100 disabled workers was the answer of local and global acting companies to their demands.
The mascaraed imperialism and its media on one hand and the pro capitalist government on the other hand try to escape the judgment of they did, but the angry people will not allow to fade this brutal act into obscurity. The miners in all capitalist countries have experienced numerous atrocities. They have died deep in the earth, on strikes or protests or suffered pain and poverty. We remember examples in England, China, Spain, Chile and Africa.
Today the situation in South Africa is worse than the apartheid era, unemployment and poverty still exists. Slums are filled with women, children and the disabled, real wages are falling; there is no social welfare services and education for a vast number of people. The previous domestic and foreign landlords, mainly white, own the economic power. But black, other skin colored, and even some ordinary white people live in full financial emergency.
This time the repressive apparatus was based in front of the mines and the lives of suffering black workers.  
We, the prisoners in the defense of human rights, freedom and justice for all people of the world in section 350 of Evin-Prison in Tehran, are angered by this act against the humanity. This is the only way we can express  our indignation, while we are even prevented to support the workers in our country, who are facing unemployment, massive inflation, wages way below minimum and have no right to build their own organizations.
We call with all the worker and freedom loving people around the world and pay tribute to the victims. We express our solidarity and deep sympathy with the victims of this crime against humanity.
Evin-Prison, Tehran, Iran
Fariborz Reis Dana, Saeed Matin Pour, Reza Shahabi, Fraydon Seydy Rad, Saeed Jalali Far, Behnam Ebrahimzadeh.