Sunday, October 21, 2012

Metal industry workers end protest after promises

After the protests of more than 600 workers of the steel factories no. 1 and no. 2,  in Teheran  in front of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Affairs against unpaid wages and benefits since more than 5 months on Oct. 14th,  this ministry handed over the responsibility to the industry ministry.
Next day the workers went to the industry ministry seeking an answer to their claims, but they were told: “behind the scenes, there are people, who do not want any solution for your problems in this factory. As this news reached the workers in the factory, they decide to gather in front of the office of the governor.
Before the workers had arrived to the ministry the security forces were present at that place. Workers at the rally chanted: 5 months wages must be paid, steel factories shall be revitalized - Death to capitalism – a decent life or death - metal industry Palestine of Iran and ...
This situation forced the head of the political and police forces of the province to appear and ask the workers to give him time to solve the problems, but the workers chanted: a decent life or death.
Then the governor and the head of province planning came to the angry workers and reported the results of the meeting about the factories in crises:
·         The District Government will pay the overdue social insurance contributions.
·         A District Government nominated management team will direct the factory and revitalize the production.
·         The two main owners will be expropriated and will not be barred to enter the factory.
·         All delayed wages will be paid until Sunday
The workers announced, if those promises are not fulfilled ASAP, they will continue to protest.