Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shahrokh Zamani, labour activist in alarming situation

According to the Communiqué number 55 from the “Shahrokh Zamani Defence Committee“, he needs urgent help and support. He needs an attorney to examine his case record and bring his case to the internal and foreign instances in order to force the judiciary and prison authorities at least to abide by their own laws.  The international solidarity and attention to his case will put the regime under pressure and prevent further tyranny.
He has to endure 10 to 20 days in a month ban of visitors, ban of phone call to his family and he is transferred from one to the other prison every few months.
In August this year Shahrokh Zamani was deported from prison in city Tabriz to Yazd central prison, later he was returned to the central prison of Tabriz. He has been in quarantine ward of prison for two days and then transferred to the criminal and addicted ward, where the drug dealers are held.

On October 18th he was again deported from Tabriz prison to ward 4 of the Gohardasht prison in city Karaj. This is the ward, where the political prisoners are held and is controlled by the Pasdaran and the intelligent ministry. Since then he had no contact with the outside.

Shahrokh Zamani a is house painter and member of the Committee to Pursue the Establishment of Workers Organizations, a group campaigning for the establishment of independent trade unions in Iran; he is currently serving the 11 years prison sentences in Tabriz prison, north-west Iran.