Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2500 SAVEH Rolling & Profile Mills Co. workers on Strike

More than 2500 workers of SAVEH Rolling & Profile Mills Co. (S.R.P.M) and Pipe Rolling Plant Safa went on strike because they had not been paid for last 6 months. 
The strike of these workers began on November 12th in one of the factory halls and spread soon throughout the factory. 
In respond to the worker´s strike the employer promised: “the wages for one month will be paid tomorrow”. 

The workers ended their protest and announced:” We will continue the strike on Saturday if our delayed wages for the last 6 months will not be paid”.

Two days earlier a worker, who was fired without being paid, did close the factory gates and hindered the truck traffic.
Saveh rolling and Pipe Rolling Plant Safa located in Saveh city belongs to one single owner.