Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Strike at Safa and Saveh Pipe Rolling continues

More than 1200 workers of Safa Pipe Rolling Plant went on strike on 25 November in protest against non-payment of their wages for last 6 months. In a similar action, the night shift workers of Saveh Rolling & Profile Mills Co. (SRPM) began their strike.
The governor, police and labor office officials came to Safa factory and told the striking workers that: "You have received the wages for a month, as the employer had promised," the workers replied: The employer owes us 6 months wages and we will not stop until all of our outstanding wages  are paid.

Reports say that the workers at Safa factory blocked the warehouse gates and barred the movement of vehicles by burning tires.

At Saveh factory the employer paid a month wages, when the day shift workers joined their night shift colleagues, but the workers demanded the immediate payment of wages of past 6 months.

The protest at both plants continues. 
The employer announced yesterday that the Saveh plant will be closed from 28. November and the workers should stay home. The workers say: "if this happens, we will continue our strike in front of the governor's office."
These two plants are located in Saveh city and belong to a single owner with 2400 workers.