Monday, April 22, 2013

The first major labor strike in the new Iranian year

Hundred dismissed workers of Safa Pipe Rolling factory entered the factory to protest their unfair dismissal and the non-payment of their wages in the first morning hours of April 21. As they entered the factory, other workers joined them and stopped the production.
According to the reports, a day earlier, the employer did not extend the contract with one hundred of workers and dismissed them.  He also extended the contracts of further 1100 workers (with six-month or 12-months contract) only for month to facilitate the future dismissals.
On April 9th, the employer was supposed to pay a part of the delayed wages. At this day, not only the delayed wages were not paid, but also one hundred workers were dismissed and the contract of the rest of workers was extended only for one month.
According to the latest reports as other workers join the strike, the factory managers tried to threaten them, but faced a backlash by workers, which in some cases ended to severe verbal clashes between factory workers and managers.
The strike at Safa Pipe rolling plant is continuing with the joining of night shift workers to the strike.