Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reza Shahabi has serious problems after surgery

Reza Shahabi has serious problems after surgery. The surgical wound on his neck is infected and inflamed; he has severe pain on his right hand and shoulder.
  Reza`s physical condition is much worse than before the surgery and there is the risk of nervous function damage to his spinal cord, due to the infection.
He has been returned to prison after the surgery, despite Physician’s explicit instruction that he needs to rest at home and deemed him unfit for prison.
The prison section lawyer said that Reza Shahabi has been on the pardon list, but he is not aware of it and the information is kept secret.
The members of Defence Committee of Reza Shahabi are extremely concerned for his health and consider the judicial and security authorities responsible for any complications. Reza Shahabi should be released immediately and treated quickly.